But then, I think that rain is wet, so who am i to judge?

Wait, am I the only one that got that Tina was about to kiss an unsuspecting Blaine when Sam showed up asking for backup? I didn’t get reciprocity at all on Blaine’s part—he seemed more playful best gay friend than falling in love…

In other news, Tina is me.


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    yeah totally cause she was like we were just going to… and he was like wut
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    You know, when I first watched the episode, I just saw Blaine slowly getting closer to the camera, and thus, Tina. But...
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    No kidding. I feel your pain, Tina. Blaine is hot stuff, but there is a line, sister and you were only saved from...
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    Curious about the extra’s report, because as they showed in the BTS vid, Darren and Jenna basically danced with the...
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    While this might have been a possibility - the Tina and Blaine showdown seems to happen in Diva, and it seems that...
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  14. korydwen said: nope, not the only one. She clearly had a crush-tunnel-vision and one more second and I think we would have see her closing her eyes and pucking her lips
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    Now here’s something that’s been niggling at my brain— thinking about how Tina was a little strident/pushy when pressing...
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    Yes, this was mostly fantasy from Tina. She was imagining the romanticism in Blaine’s words. Meanwhile, Blainers =...
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