But then, I think that rain is wet, so who am i to judge?
What’s so wrong with how Kurt’s acting?

Good question, dash! Let me answer it.

First off, let me preface this by saying that the writing sucks. We have no idea what Kurt is actually feeling right now, because Kurt is never allowed to talk about it. (You see, only one gay man at a time is allowed to have feelings on this show, and Kurt passed the baton over to Blaine when they broke up as a consolation prize.) So, without Kurt’s side of things, he comes across as weirdly flip-flopping. Every time he has a moment of growth, it’s erased in the next episode, without any explanation. 

This makes him playful and flirty with Blaine in one episode, and then torn up and upset about how much he doesn’t want to ever get back together with him in another. Which means he’s acting in a hurtful, harmful manner to both himself and those around him.

Why, you ask?

What a good question. Let me crack my knuckles, punch Ryan Murphy in the face, and then explain. 

Let me first make clear that what’s wrong about how Kurt is acting isn’t the fact that he wants to be over his ex. That’s totally fine; after all, Blaine hurt him pretty badly. If he doesn’t ever think he’ll be able to trust him again, then that’s his decision. Kurt wanting to take that option—to be friends with Blaine, but never boyfriends—is perfectly fine. That’s not what’s wrong.

This is what’s wrong: If he does desperately want to be over Blaine, he’s leading Blaine on by allowing him to think that they will, one day in the future, get back together. If he doesn’t desperately want to be over Blaine, he’s leading Adam on by continuing to allow him to think that he does.

Either way you look at the situation, he’s leading someone on.

That’s what’s wrong.

Kurt, honey. If you desperately want to be over Blaine? Don’t treat him like your boyfriend when you come home and see him. Because that’s what you did, bb: no matter how many times you repeated “we’re just friends” that episode, you still flirted with him, took him to the wedding as your date, and made out with him in a car. And then, on a separate occassion from the make-out, had sex. 

Actions speak louder than words, dear.

Kurt knows Blaine thinks Kurt wants to eventually get back together. How does he know this? Because Blaine told him, in no uncertain terms, that that’s what he thinks. Kurt has allowed him to think so by first fostering that belief with his actions (read: above), and then remaining conspicuously silent and continuing to flirt with Blaine after he’s been told how Blaine thinks this is going to go (thus implying Blaine’s assumptions right).

This is a very simple situation to fix: if you don’t want him back, stop letting him think you do. If you do want him back, stop dating Adam. You are being fair to neither of these two boys.

And on that note: please use your words. I desperately want to know what is going on in that head of yours, so I know which way you should be turning.

I never thought we’d be in a position where we don’t know Kurt’s side of a Klaine story. Wow.

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