But then, I think that rain is wet, so who am i to judge?


Just… the emotion in Sam’s face when he’s watching Blaine perform AAO.

Sam doesn’t want to see his friend hurting, and he doesn’t want to be the cause of that hurt.  But more than that, he actually notices.  This is like, the first time we’ve seen Blaine holding something inside, trying to hide it and work through it, and someone close to him knows it’s going on and forces him to admit it and face up to it.  

How many times have we Blaine fans been begging for someone to notice when Blaine is hiding things?  

Sam has continually proven his ability to be that guy for Blaine this season.  And this is in no way a knock on Kurt, it’s just a part of his personality and their relationship that he tends not to notice these things with Blaine.  He never really has—perhaps because he’s too wrapped up in Blaine, too close to him, and too consumed by his own feelings to see the things Blaine typically effectively hides.  

So with this in mind, how does anyone expect Blaine not to develop feelings for Sam?  And no, I don’t agree that Blaine is just projecting his feelings for Kurt on to Sam.  I think these feelings are very real for what they are, and Blaine […]

THIS THIS THIS. Everything you just wrote. Sam is so good for Blaine it isn’t even funny, and I agree that Blaine’s feelings for him are more than just of the “he’s got a nice ass” variety. Sam treats Blaine with a level of acceptance and respect no one else on the show has ever treated him.

What I’ve always been fascinated with when it comes to Blaine is his unparalleled ability to manage himself. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone manage themselves and their interactions with others the way Blaine does. A lot of people chock it up to being kind-hearted and not wanting to make others feel uncomfortable, and I think that’s certainly part of it—but I think it’s, more significantly, also distrust. Most of the times we’ve seen him actively ask for help on the show, he’s been either ignored or belittled. So we end up seeing him hurting, seeing his composure crack, but he rarely outright asks for help. He’s spent so long dealing with his problems by himself that he doesn’t trust others to help him out. So he doesn’t ask. There’s no point. 

I mean, who helped him out after his gay-bashing? Clearly no one, or he wouldn’t be under the misguided belief that he “ran away” when he transferred. The fact that he even thinks of it as running away already shows us exactly how much expects himself to be able to deal with on his own. (Read: an unhealthy amount)

What’s significant about the break-up is that he does ask for help—he sends out this blaring cry to anyone and everyone who will listen to help him, because after that one horrible mistake he doesn’t even trust himself to help himself now. Everyone knows he’s hurting. Yet it’s only Sam who actually does anything about it. And what’s wonderful about how Sam helps him in Dynamic Duets is that he not only kindles a trust in others within Blaine, he restores Blaine’s trust in himself. 

Sam is one of the most important people in Blaine’s life right now, so of course Blaine isn’t going to take Sam’s offer to lay it all out on the table. Sam is the most accepting person Blaine has ever known. Even Kurt has tried to change Blaine a few times (the argument in BioTA and the tanning solution in his moisturizer are two obvious examples), but besides that one comment about the bowties, Sam has only ever invited Blaine to be himself around him.

Blaine sings AAO directly to Sam, and he makes no effort to hide it. It’s not a confession to New Directions. It’s a plea to Sam: don’t make me say something that will ruin this. I can’t ruin this.

And Sam, bless his heart, sees the performance for what it is, and is quick to assure Blaine that nothing is going to be ruined. He already knows, and he’s fine with it.

It’s exactly that kind of unconditional acceptance that made Blaine love Sam in the first place.

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